A cat owner makes a perfect little hat from all the fur she collected in her house

A cute hat for cats made pit of the fur

Faye is an extremely active, crazy cat, that covers all the house with her hair as she runs around the house all the time.

“I usually joke, that my house is like the wild west because of all the cat fur floating around in the air.” told Faye’s mother Taylor Nelson.

“Faye has been spilling a lot of hair recently and when I brush her I have these enormous balls of fur.”

Nelson found she had a lot of fur lying around her house and thought she could easily make something out of it. But as she isn’t so artistic, she could make a simple thing.

So she decided to make a small cowboy hat out of all of the fur in the house.

“I have seen many videos of people making amazing things out of their cat’s fur, but as I’m not that talented I decided to make a cowboy hat, that is difficult to call so. I’m sure other people would make a nicer cowboy hat than I did, and also I made it incorrect. After combing her I understood there was so much fur, that I simply smashed it all into a ball and shaped it with a clue until it looked like a hat.”

Nelson was unsure about the cat’s reaction to her new hat. Faye’s mother was worried she couldn’t stay still for a photo as she is extremely active, but she did.

“She just sat still and allowed me to put it on and when I finished she inclined her head as I was petting her and seemed to he pleased with it.” Nelson told.

“She’s the princess of the house and adores attention, so I don’t know whether she liked the hat or not, but she knew she looked pretty in it and wanted to show off.”

Nelson also gave the hat to her second cat Spike, as she hadn’t shed enough fur to have his own and she also didn’t want him to feel left out. He wasn’t pleased with it as Faye was, but he however gain a gentle appearance.

Nelson wants to collect more of Faye’s fur in the future, especially since she liked trying on her cowboy hat so much.

Nelson told: “It would be amazing to see what else I can make with her fur. If I’m going to live in a fur sandstorm, than I might as well like it.”

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