15 amusing wedding shots captured by accident  

The wedding was and stays one of the most memorable events for every individual.

 Frequently the whole day of the celebration is prepared in advance and signed almost every minute. Nevertheless, it also occurs that arbitrary events make their own adjustments and everything does not go according to plan at all. However, sometimes it’s even more interesting, right? And, surely, a wedding photographer is always there to capture the significant moments of the holiday. Even those that were not at all included in the plans of the newlyweds. And you know, such random shots, as a rule, turn out to be much more interesting than standard staged shots. These are the shots we want to share with you. Enjoy watching and good mood.

Everyone was jumping, and the groom seemed to be flying.

This swan is overly suspicious

The girl definitely adorned the shot.

Interesting wedding guest.

When the witness lost the rings…

Pants had to be sewn on the go.

The tide is unpredictable.

When only you were without a partner.

So, friends decided to play pranks

The bride obviously liked the toast.

Photographer fell while taking a shot.

“Petal Girl”

And the lama visits again.

It’s amusing.

And where did I go?

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