When the man found a family of dogs in the burned area, he was left speechless to find out what they were protecting

The man found out his neighbor’s dogs sitting in the destroyed area for an exciting reason.

After wildfire in Kamiah, Idaho destroyed hundreds of areas and homes, Louis Armstrong came there to check his house. When he arrived, found his house in the same place without any damages, but everything around it was destroyed.

One day when he was walking nearby his house, he found out something touching that made him speechless. His neighbour’s dogs were sitting there and guarding a fawn, that had passed away.

He wrote about the exciting case on Facebook and touched thousands of people from all over the world.

Louis left them alone but all day he came back to check if they were there or not and all time he found them in the same place next to the fawn.

The smart animals stayed there to protect the animal and when they noticed someone nearby they barked asking for help. Their action was really heroic and many people got excited by it.

The scene was so heartbreaking!

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