When the little kitten’s mother was ill a homeless cat decided to assist take care of the kittens

Another cat mother, that decided to help the newborn kittens 

After the cat named Church gave birth to five kittens something awful happened.

In the first seconds of their life the kittens needed the love of their mother, but Church was very ill. And Church’s owner called the shelter to know if they could take care of her kittens as she needed to be taken to the hospital.

“We immediately went to take the kittens and Church, as her owner couldn’t go to the clinic.” told one of the workers of the shelter. “The kittens were very weak and underweight.”

And happily a cat named Betty was living in the shelter and decided to help them.

“Betty was leftover in an apartment complex and some kind people adopted her for about a month. It’s possible she had babies almost a month ago and was still breastfeeding a little. But it is also possible, that it is just a hormonal reaction, which is unusual, but not unknown.”

Betty quickly started washing the babies grey fur and protectively placed her paws around them. She also spent the next two days looking after all of the five babies, until Church was recovered and ready to be again with her kittens.

When Church returned to her kittens she didn’t have enough milk to feed al of the five kittens. So Betty took three of them to help Church.

“None of the cars was able to provide enough mill for all of five kittens, but we were happy, that each of them was able to maintain half of the litter.”

“It was an extraordinary thing for us, that a cat could take after kittens of another cat. Although we are happy, that Betty was there to assist.”

Betty and one of the kittens were placed in a foster home. Church and other four kittens returned to their family. When the kittens reach ten weeks they will be available for adoption. And when the last kitten is weaned from Betty, she will be ready for adoption too.

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