When a woman goes away just a moment her white cat becomes pink

A cute cat with a pink fur

Nimbus Macaroni McGonagall was adopted from the rescue organisation in Florida and his life became a real adventure. He likes going to trips in his kitty backpack, meeting new people and also getting into trouble.

Nimbus is interested in all that takes place, even if it doesn’t involve him. His mother thought he wouldn’t make a mess when she’s doing her cosmetics, but she was wrong.

Nimbus’s mother Emma Lilliybridge was doing her cosmetic and was so much focused on it, when her cat decided to help her. Nimbus had knocked her expensive blush palette off the table and immediately coloured himself pink, before she couldn’t understand what had happened.

“It immediately shattered. So he started to roll in it and I saw it. He isn’t normally playing with makeup, but he will play with everything.”

Nimbus was jealous for his mother’s makeup and wanted to have his own, and it was great. The white cat turned into a pink one and was fascinated by it.

“He didn’t like the pink fur colour at all.”

Nimbus likes to get into trouble and have adventures.

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