This pup spent a year on the rocky island waiting for the comeback of his masters  

This puppy’s life was about to take an unanticipated turn.

Let’s be sincere.

There should be a figure on the beach in honor of this wonderful dog that struggled for almost a year in the freezing rain with frequent assaults from other dogs. Assist him.

Nurung was the beloved pet of a fisherman who lived on the ocean located in South Korea.

Because of the specifics of their work, they can try their fortune on the nearby islands. Nurung will watch over them on all their journeys so that their master is not damaged.

Sadly, the puppy’s life was about to take an unanticipated turn. His masters were no longer young, gradually they were sick. They need medical assistance, but there is no such assistance in the world they live in.

Then, at some point, they made a decision to move to a location where the available medical facilities were further away from their current home.

So, they left, destroyed that they were forced to leave the pup as they realized they would not be able to look beyond him to a new location.

What occurred next was amazing. Without a doubt, the puppy full of hope visited the shores of the rocky island daily waiting for the comeback of his masters.

The ocean paths as well as therefore the breeze did not stop him, so he will not go to the ocean.

Shortly his trips to the ocean came to an end. Not because he understood his luck, but because he stayed on the island, among the enormous rocks.

The inhabitants of the island began to spot Nurung and worry about him.

They tried to leave something to eat and drink for him because as soon as he notices someone coming close to him, he escapes in fright.

This continued for a long year.

Things got even worse at the time when he was assaulted by the neighbor’s dogs.

He tried his best, but it became a big problem, and the inhabitants had to inform the previous masters about his state.

They were obviously touched to hear the news, but there was little they could do. They made a decision that Nurung should be rescued and carried to the vet facility.

Officials try to rescue Nurung, but the latter escapes.

Realizing that he does not like those around him, they injected him with a painkiller and were able to deliver him to the closest vet facility. To the veterinarian’s surprise, Nurung’s condition was alright, his health was good as well as he had no damage.

When he was cured, a neighbor made a decision to take him in. That they had prepared a cozy kennel for him and made certain that he was well nursed as well as loved.

For no one, the puppy was put on a leash, because they were frightened that he might come back to the island in case he was left to wander free.

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