This journey has become one of the most unforgettable for the family  

The gold-colored retriever named Bailey is very eminent.

He lives in Costa del Sol, Spain with his master Taras and her partner. This wonderful dog is famous for being generous to all his pets and siblings, which has earned him an enormous following online.

Not so long ago he had a fun day at the shore close to the town of Tarifa in southern Spain. Bailey and his masters traveled through fascinating mountains with windmills along the road in their car. The sight on the way to the shore was astonishing.

The location next to the shore was full of yellow sand which looked wonderful. As soon as Taras released Bailey and threw the ball for playing, he was very cheerful.

Bailey first witnessed yellow sand as well as cave dunes and traveled to the warm Atlantic Ocean. He was so joyful and playful that he felt thirsty right away. He extinguished his thirst with water given by Taras and made a decision to dig sand.

The family later went to the shore, where they enjoyed swimming in the shallow ocean water with his master’s partner. He also was fond of running on the beach. Sadly, Bailey was fully soaked, so he couldn’t pause rubbing his back against the ground to dry off.

Bailey ate a piece of an apple before going on a deep ocean voyage with a partner of his master. He carried on following her as if he had a desire to defend her. Even if it was his premier time, Bailey was a natural swimmer.

A cute pup had fun with his master on the beach. He particularly liked to dig as well as get dirty in the sand. This trip has become one of the most unforgettable for the family.

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