This idle horse pretends dead whenever his master attempts to ride him  

There are a number of interesting facts about horses.

Tell me what a normal horse should do. Walk, shout as well as ask for carrots. They are very ordinary.

There is one horse in this world who has the highest aspiration of becoming a drama queen. Let’s meet Jingang!

These Asian desert horses are gradually vanishing.

This Jingang seems to have read or heard Shakespeare too much or is simply lazy.

Every time he saddled someone, he took a few steps and after that fell down as if he was taking his ultimate breath.

Horses have long been known for their hard work, but there are exceptions. Jingang is literally a horse that is fond of demonstrating his theatrical talent rather than riding.

Francisco Zalasar, the owner of Jingang, has published compilations of how a dead horse plays every time he rides him. The dying scene played by the lizard is silly as well as amusing, but so real.

From the looks of it, Jinggang’s jokes make us laugh a lot. After his famous clips, no one will have a desire to stand behind him, but rather follow his true skill.

There are a number of interesting facts about horses. Some of these involve any horse that can sleep. They can run instantly after birth; express feelings through facial expressions; their brains are half the size of a human.

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