This dog just desires to sleep but tiny canines insist on playing  

This dog has attracted a lot of attention due to his patience with other animals.

Bailey was a generous gold-colored retriever who lived with his master Taras and his living siblings in Costa del Sol, Spain. He has attracted a lot of attention due to his calmness with other animals.

Golden retriever and canines.

The dog is quite amiable and adores all the pets that Taras has affiliated. He looks after all of them and is extremely patient as well as liberal with other pets.

While Bailey slept, his two younger siblings appeared in the bed. The canines attempted to wake up the miserable dog. One of the canines began to nibble on her whiskers, and another tried to milk Bailey.

Gold-colored retriever and canines.

Shortly the first canine started biting Bailey’s paw, but he didn’t care. He didn’t get annoyed and just changed his side. After a while, he peacefully sat down next to two mischievous canines.

Even after Bailey changed sides, the two savory canines didn’t stop their pranks. Nevertheless, the dog was quite tolerant of canines as well as allowed them to bite him. It looked like he was receiving a pedicure and a massage.

Gold-colored retriever and canines.

Bailey was very gentle with the canines, even if both of them visibly disturbed him at the time when he slept. He constantly yawned as well as looked at the two tiny creatures, as if asking them to stop their pranks.

After a while, Bailey calmed down and fell asleep. But he could not drive away two mischievous canines from him. The soft bears carried on watching Bailey while he was fast asleep, waiting for him to get up and start playing.

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