This cat mom’s response to her new puppy baby will move your heart  

People considered that cats and dogs did not find a mutual language with each other.

But the animal world has proven that these creatures are able to share the most uncommon friendships.

Furthermore, animals, despite their kinds, are the most generous souls when they come to calm down those in need.

This time, the mother cat meets a newborn puppy, and her maternal sense instantly turns on.

In the wonderful clip below, a cat recognizes a puppy as one of her canines and the shots become popular.

The master of the cat put the puppy in her box, where she nursed her canines because the puppy needed a new mother, but they did not wait for the cat to admit him.

The puppy was rejected by his mother and amazingly the cat took him in as well as organized a secure and loving atmosphere.

This may appear weird to some, but this occurs frequently. It is not uncommon for animals to look after other animals of their kind.

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