This bear family is enjoying a pool party but forgot to tell the owners  

Everyone has their own method of coping with the summer hotness.

One of the perfect methods to unwind is with a pool party, and this bear family can’t help but agree.

A mother bear and her five babies were recorded playing in the water as well as living out their lives in the high pool of the family.

It was a peaceful day for this family in Rockaway, New Jersey, as soon as extremely loud noises disturbed them from breakfast. After that, they looked out the window, everyone was speechless.

The cubs run, swim as well as splash in the yard with constant happiness under the watchful supervision of their mother. It’s great to be a bear so you can swim in other people’s pools without any problems, isn’t it? Great!

The bear and her cubs appeared to be pleased by the day more and more. After a rapid splashing, they began to investigate every inch of the yard.

The slump, the swimmers, or even the balls could not withstand the interest of the tiny cubs. A real holiday for bears, complete disorder for the owner of the house.

“They took my blaze,” says one young woman. At the same time, the mother said: “Hey, Mrs. Bear! it was costly. “Must watch!

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