This absolutely unique man who is only 110 cm tall happily married, became a father and lives life to the fullest

Despite his uniqueness, this man became a father and lives life to the fullest

However surprising and unbelievable it might seem, this man, regardless of his uniqueness, managed to achieve the life from his dream and is absolutely happy. James lives in Great Britain and is a popular actor and TV presenter.

Even in his childhood years, he hasn’t ever felt embarrassed because of his very small height and was always self-confident and optimistic. And, one day, when James met Chloe, he fell madly in love with her at first sight and certainly knew that he would marry the girl.

Their first date took place back in 2014 which they both definitely won’t ever forget. They went to a café and when the couple was ready to make an order, the waiter came to take the woman’s order bringing a pencil and paper for the man confusing him with a child.

That interesting and hilarious moment has always warmed their hearts. After dating for about two years, they finally decided to legalize their relationship. The couple officially invited 80 people to their wedding, whereas the guests were undoubtedly much more as the unusual spouses couldn’t escape the journalists’ attention.

Soon, the whole world learnt about this absolutely unique and exemplary couple. In 2019, the spouses happily became parents having an adorable daughter whom they named Olivia. Their heiress was born absolutely healthy. Currently, the 2-year-old girl charms everyone who is lucky enough to meet her.

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