This absolutely charming lamb asks his master to pet him  

A charming lamb needs attention.

While the majority of you might consider that only puppies and canines are fond of hugging, you should know that almost all animals go crazy for hugs.

Nevertheless, none of these incredible seconds can compare to this absolutely charming lamb asking his master to pet him.

In a video that seems to warm your heart, a little lamb walks up to its owner and asks for a hug.

Surely, the man was not able to resist such finesse, he petted the baby for a few seconds, but amazingly the latter wanted more.

He softly touches his man with his sharp leg, as he said. “I’m sorry my fellow, did I tell you to stop?” So, the caring master stroked him again, but apparently, it is not enough.

Even the audience became attached to the short incredible footage instantly, as it has approximately 24 million views.

But if you hit the play button, you’ll realize the reason.

“A charming lamb needs attention,” the description of the clip says. “Commonly they run and play. “And this one stopped, he wanted me to pet him a bit.

That’s what I did.” Check!

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