They are in need of ASSISTANCE! Eighty horses were left alone to remain alive without something to eat or drink  

The horses are considered to be the consequence of the region’s latest financial crisis.

As mentioned in regional reports, 80 horses were detected in a field close to Albacete, Spain, where they were left without something to eat or drink. They are in need of our assistance in order to survive.

They were first noticed by inhabitants of that area on November 25, and officers shortly became aware of their existence.

Since then, the Easy Horse Care Rescue Center (EHCRC) has visited the animals twice, but there has been no official government resolution to save them.

The latest shots and updates demonstrate the miserable state of the horses with the ribs apparent from the side.

Nurturing mother horses were not able to give milk to their foals, and their babies struggle to get back on their feet after being undernourished for a long time.

Worried locals were afraid that these family horses are close to the end of their lives.

Whether or not the regional Good Samaritans brought them the weed, everlasting subsistance is still a despondent decision that the government needs to implement.

“It occurred a lot in our area,” says Koren Helbig, EHCRC’s free will media relations manager.

“The police would have got official reports of abuse as well as ignorance, would have agreed that the case required action, but would not / could not act, because after the lawful removal of such a big animal there was plainly nowhere to shelter.”

EHCRC is a non-profit organization devoted to the salvation of ignored as well as abused horses and donkeys. It was founded in 2008 and has been successful in spreading awareness of the plight of rejected horses.

However, the 80 rejected horses are considered to be the consequence of the region’s latest financial crisis. Masters cannot meet the expense of raising their pets, and the government cannot provide the necessary materials.

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