There’s a man and a cat relaying on one another on a deserted mountain

An example of an inseparable friendship between a man and a cat

Cats are like humans, who seek love, care and friendship. These animals didn’t like to live by themselves. They aren’t cold, stone-hearted animals as we think.

An adorable homeless cat named Nabi has found a good partner for him living on a mountain. A ginger cat had to move here, as he didn’t have a strength to fight with other homeless cats, but sadly his life wasn’t at all changed. Although there aren’t any cats on the mountain, he is still bullied by racoons here.

That was the time, when a generous man came for help. He assisted Nabi persecute these scary animals and the cat immediately fell in love with him. He started to follow the man everywhere like a real stalker.

And of course the man couldn’t refuse such a cute face. He hadn’t ever have cat, but he decided to adopt him and they became inseparable.

In reality not only Nabi wanted assistance, the man also needs him. After the cat knew about the serious illness of his master, he gave him a big hug. And the master’s heart melted.

The adorable Nabi doesn’t want to leave his owner for a while, even when it is very cold and he is in a warm place. He is afraid of loneliness.

And happily these two have found each other. They will always help each other through the life.

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