The world record, this dog gave birth to eleven puppies  

A pregnant Chihuahua rescued from an adoptive family amazes her adoptive mother.

Laugh Out Loud (or LOL) is currently a world-known expression. This pregnant Chihuahua was saved from a hoarding occurrence by Unleashed Pet Salvation and Affiliation in Kansas. She was almost prepared to give birth.

They put her in an adoptive home and her new foster mom was bothered about the bigness of her belly. She didn’t wait to be on the evening news instantly after the termination of labor.

When LOL went into labor, her adoptive mother kept in touch with the affiliation center. They were astonished to learn that LOL had not 8, or 9, but 10 puppies during 12 hours of work. They just carried on coming.

After the birth, the mother and cubs were happy as well as in good condition, so the family went to bed. They woke up in the morning to the surprise of a world record. At night, LOL had the 11th baby.

This is the largest quantity of puppies ever born to a Chihuahua. All of a sudden LOL became popular. Her adoptive mother and the affiliation agency were astonished. All of a sudden, the bigness of her belly made sense.

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