The Russian couple was out for a walk when they noticed a poor creature stuck in the snow, so they acted quickly

The future of the stray cat wouldn’t be good if the couple didn’t notice him.

It was a cold snowy day, when a Russian couple decided to have a walk, but they never expected that it would become a fatal day for them. They noticed a frozen catty stuck in the snow, who even couldn’t move. The poor animal was covered with snow and ice, so his life was in danger.

The first thing the couple did was taking the catty out of the snow with the help of warm water, which melted the ice from his fur. After some time they were able to free the poor animal.

They took the cat from the ground and hugged him strongly in order to warm him up. Now the poor animal was safe and protected and he was feeling great in the woman’s arms.

The kindhearted rescuers gave him the second chance at life. They began to pet him and gave him much love and care. So cute!

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