The rescuers presented a lego wheelchair to a paralysed kitten

A paralyzed cat with a bright sight of the life 

A woman from Canada found a little kitten in her granary. And she saw, that the little kitten is hurt. It’s both legs were injured and it couldn’t walk. The woman called a cat rescue group and they came to investigate. The poor kitten was only able to get about by dragging its paralyzed legs.

After an examination the vet told, that the kitten didn’t have any injuries caused by an accident or an attack. And his legs were so from its birth. He’d have to live like this for the rest of his life.

But the good news is that the kitten had no other health problem. The kitten was named Champ.

Champ was placed in custody and waits for his wheelchair. But his foster parents had absolutely amazing idea!

They built a wheelchair from the lego for Champ.

Champ was also given a red sock as the gadget wouldn’t annoy him. He can now race as other active cats.

There aren’t any applications accepted for this little fighter, but follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts to check his story.

Look at Champ-he’s not only moving, but also scaling mountains!

Champ is still in the shelter and there are no applicants for his adoption. Nevertheless, the cute child liked to visit cat lovers every possible time. Champ seems to nominate himself the “kitties champion”, as his new mission is to help others.

He still looks amazing during photo shoots.

The cat has a fresh sight of life and it seems, he would have sweet possibilities.

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