The rescued dog never smiled and felt confident in the shelter, until a man came into his life

A shy dog who didn’t like being petted now has the most beautiful smile.

Dogs are unique on their own ways, so they can have different characters and behaviours. Some of them can play and communicate with everyone around them, while others only have a good relationship with their lovely people.

Our today’s hero named Roscoe spent about six months in a shelter, but no one could make him trust people around him.
The staff did its best to change the dog’s character and make him more confident and happy, but they didn’t manage to do it.

Even the pup never played and wagged his tail. He didn’t want anyone to pet him and this shocked the workers.

Roscoe had been a stray dog before being taken to the shelter. For many years he had been wandering on the streets to search for some food.

So his such a strange behaviour could be connected with his past.
The dog’s eyes expressed pain and sadness and no one could change him. That’s awful!

Seeing that nothing and no one made the baby happy, the staff decided to share his photo on social media and search for a caring owner for him. And their decision completely changed Roscoe’s life.

Although they knew that the dog was not friendly and sociable, they decided to try. Maybe someone would love and adopt the sad dog, and that one appeared. A man saw his picture and fell in love with him.
He was one and only who changed the dog’s life and made him the happiest.

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