The man found intruder in his bed when he returned home

The disobedient cat, that feels like a boss

Hayden Winter returned back from work a little bit earlier and was amazed finding an intruder in his bed. Although it isn’t the type of the invader you think.

He wanted to go to bed after supper, but when he went to the room to change clothes he found a cat named Fezgin relaxing there. He recognized the cat from the streets of Istanbul, where Fezgin is a real popularity.

Istanbul is known to be the city of dogs and cats. People don’t have to worry for them as they are homeless, they are well fed and regarded members of the community. This is unchangeable in Istanbul and we hope other cities will follow their example.

Turning to our story, this wasn’t the first time Fezgin had entered Hayden’s home. Bur she has never slept there before. She might be disobedient, but she is very amusing. Winter shared cat photos in his bed and they immediately became popular.

Although the cat didn’t spent the night, Hayden allowed her to sleep there on occasions. She returns from time to time and she is the boss, as he told. Like all the other Istanbul’s cats.

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