The loyal and devoted dog refuses to leave his companion  

Animals, like individuals, have feelings.

They can have both delightful and upset emotions. They express their emotions in a variety of ways.

This is the occurrence of a Husky whose fellow was hit by a car. Sadly, the dog passed away.

The dog rejected to leave his companion because the writing was so exciting. This horrific crime occurred in China.

The dog was making noises as if trying to wake up a departed fellow. It took approximately two hours to persuade the dog to accompany his master.

The dog did not have a desire to leave his companion. The dog wanted to be joined with his fellow. Police questioned a woman who claimed to be the master of the dog.

After some time, the police allowed the woman to take the body of a fellow.

This exactly demonstrates that animals, like humans, have feelings. They feel sorry for their beloved and closest companions. They are trusty and loyal fellows.


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