The loving cat hugged and kissed the kitten, that was sleeping

A sweet sight: a cat and a kitten slept hugging each other 

Hugging has been a tradition in our culture for a long time. Animals, especially cats and dogs hug and kiss like humans. They hug one another and also their beloved people.

They just cuddle up to their beloved friends and show their love by grooming and head bonks.

Hugs are especially used by cats to shot love, defend themselves and also to feel safe. It’s another method of them showing their trust and to be as close to you as possible. Most pet cats like to be held, but just the time they want.

We appreciate sweet animal situations, especially with cats and dogs. So we want to share a cute video of our furry friends to show how lovable they are.

Kitty Cat Bliss shared a video of a cat sleeping while hugging a small kitten. After seeing the video we couldn’t get enough of their cuteness.

“Meesha and Bella have learned they are a team. They still hunt, pounce and tease each other, but they now sleep together. In the video they are sleeping on top of my desk. It’s their favourite place to nap.” told their owner.

They know, they will het additional hugs and kisses, as I’m at my desk during the day.

If you’re looking for a sweet video, that will make your day better than you just need to watch this! We are sure these two cute kittens will make you happy and brighten up your day.

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