The hairdresser shows how she changes women with the help of new hairstyles

For ordinary hairdressers and makeup artists, the pandemic has become a disaster — all customers have disappeared. But for the pros, on the contrary, everything turned out as well as possible. The founder of the SelfStation studio, Jurgita Malauskaite, will tell you why.

To begin with, an unkempt person, and even more so a woman, cannot walk for a long time. If he does not live in the jungle on a desert island, but even there you can build a mirror out of a puddle of water and chop off the overgrown patches with a sharp stone. What, in fact, many people did during quarantine out of desperation — they tried to restore beauty on their own, with varying success. As a result, by the end of the restrictions, a queue of women lined up at the door of Jurgita, who were in a hurry to fix what they had done.

The second factor was rethinking yourself and your place in the world, again, not always of your own free will. Someone has changed their job or type of activity in general, others have discovered new talents in themselves or have gained the courage to say goodbye to old burdensome habits. In any case, they have changed, and they wanted to consolidate this with a new visual image. And it all starts with a new hairstyle.

As a rule, a woman knows what she wants from a new hairstyle, but does not understand it, does not know how to express it. And the task of the hairdresser is to catch the shades and understand the needs, to feel the client and help him with self—expression. This is the main skill, and snapping scissors is a matter of technique. Although, you need to be able to do this, because everyone’s hair is different.

Alas, it often happens that the wishes of customers do not correspond to them. It will not work just to take and repeat the hairstyle from the magazine if you have a different type or structure of hair. Or here is such an aspect – and specifically this woman knows how to take care of her hair properly? Will she be able to support at home what was created by a hairdresser? If not, then it is better not to be deceived and discuss it honestly, because otherwise it will only get worse.

A good hairstyle is like a “happiness pill”. She acts very quickly and brightly, the effect lasts for a very long time and gives a woman confidence in herself and her irresistibility. And for a hairdresser, there is nothing better than being aware of yourself as a creator who makes people happy.

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