The family rescues a small cat stuck in the net during a tour of a football stadium

A poor kitten, wrapped in the net

Miranda Comins never thought, that her family tour at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas city, will result in a rescuing a kitten.

The family found two small kittens on the field, as they were at the end of their trip. One was able to escape, while the other remained.

She was stuck in a net and needed urgent help.

When Miranda and her family were at the end of their trip, they saw something unusual on the field.

“We were at the rooftop suits and we were looking at the whole stadium, which was really good, when my father saw two small kittens playing on the field.”

After some time they found the kittens. One of them was able to escape, while the other remained.

They immediately went down to help him.

The family cooperated together to make the kitten free.

Comins’ brother Dustin Weeks told: “Her head was stuck in the net, it was wrapped around three times.”

“Our hearts broke. We thought we were too late. But it wasn’t an easy task to make the cat free.” Comins told.

The time was passing and the kitten didn’t seem to have much energy left.

And finally a veteran Army medic Weeks carried out a CPR on her little body.

“In reality, human CPR works on cats. I gave her some big chest pumps and she returned to life.”

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