The dog survived in expectation of one day being joined with his master

In the end, their broken hearts were cured.

Three years ago, George Berejiani’s dog, Jorge, was lost from his home in Tbilisi, Georgia. He looked around for his closest companion. And as days turned into months and years, he never lost belief.

But all his exertion will eventually pay off. A worker at one of the city’s businesses detected a vagrant that matched Jorge’s explanation as well as called George instantly anyway.

City officials tagged the dog to show it was unhoused, but they were quite sure it was him.

George rushed to the scene in order to check and came close to the dog lying next to the tree.

In the clip below, you’ll hear the man shouting the dog’s name. After that, the dog cried for cheer, and after that, George realized that it was truly him.

After three years, they at last joined. Feelings overwhelmed them both, we can say that they were equally cheerful to be with each other again.

“I’m on cloud nine,” George told The Dodo. “I’ve never seen him so joyful.”

In that second, their broken hearts were cured.

No one knows how the dog survived alone on the streets for so long period, but possibly he also survived in expectation of one day being reunited with his master.

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