The cat only sees its ears in the mirror and it’s just amusing

A very interesting cat discovering a new body part

There are many videos on the Internet showing cats enjoying their appearance in the mirror. Some of them appear to be fighting with themselves in the mirror, while others appear to be scared. And this cat’s reaction to its reflection is amusing.

As the cat just sees his ears in the mirror he is the world’s most interesting feline. It seems, that he has just found a new body part. He hasn’t ever touched to his ears and he begins to play with them.

This is one of the best videos of a cat looking in the mirror. The video will make you laugh.

As the cat can only see his ears in the mirror he is the most interesting animal in the world.

It feels as if he has discovered something new, a mew body part.

And as he has never touched his ears before, he begins to play with them.

Just watch the amusing video:

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