The cat mother received the best gift for the mother’s day

Two abandoned cats were able to built a new small family

The cat mother had lost her kittens because of a serious illness, but was able to maintain one and did everything to take a good care of the kitten. The kitten was taken to the Atlanta shelter Humane Society and thanks to the mother the  kitten now has a future.

The only newborn kitten named Flame needed immediate assistance, 24 hour care and a foster home. He was very small to survive on his own and needed care and foster home.

Fortunately one foster parent answered the call and immediately came to assist the poor child.

There was only one way to help the cat family.

“The Atlanta Humane Society staff thought it would be good for the mother to stay with her kid. So they decided to foster not only Flame, but also his mother Ember. They were really connected, and their bond is inseparable. They were in need of one another.”

Ember adopted the little baby and let him groom, caress and breastfeed.

So the idea of the staff rescued their lives.

The marketing director of the shelter told: “Two lives were connected forever, just like a present for Mother’s Day. Ember was crying over her lost kittens, and Flame suffered from the lose of his mother. So these two were able to form their new small family.”

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