The cat made his owner adopt their rescue kitten

A man’s cat refused to let the little kitten leave the house

It’s well known, that cats don’t like each other and don’t get along well, but these two were special. The cat immediately dell in love with his little brother and while the owner decided to feed the cat, the can wanted to adopt him.

A man found the little kitten on a busy road and as it was a very scaring area for a little kitten he decided to take the kitten with him.

The guy examined the cat’s microchip and shared his photo on the Internet. But as it turned out no one claimed to be the cat’s owner.

And the kitten had to spent some time with him. And at that time the man already had two dogs and a cat in his house, so he didn’t think of adopting the kitten. He only wanted to foster the kitten and also find a new home for him.

The strange environment amazed the little boy at first, but after some time he got used to the place. He wanted to make friends with everyone living there, even the two enormous dogs. But the big orange cat started to take a good care of the baby.

The two cats were often cuddling and the big can also took the dog’s bed for his brother to sleep in a comfortable place. Isn’t it cute?

As his cat wouldn’t allow the little one leave the house, the man had to make his home a kitten’s permanent home. And it’s clear, that these lovely cats would have a perfect life together!

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