Stylists made a luxurious lady out of an unkempt woman

Every woman dreams of not getting old. But often, when they reach a certain age, ladies stop looking after themselves.

Svetlana is a little over thirty. But until recently, she looked a dozen years older. The woman was embarrassed by her image in the mirror. Firstly, because of her bad teeth, she stopped smiling. Secondly, she had very bad skin.

Svetlana’s appearance was transformed by a team of professionals of the program “Growing up and not getting old”. First, cosmetologists leveled the complexion and removed wrinkles. Then the woman got an appointment with the dentist, who put her teeth in order.

This was the end of the first stage in the transformation of Svetlana. But even here it is noticeable that the heroine of the program began to look much better.

At the second stage, the woman was given a new hairstyle, made up and created a new image for her. The stylist chose the appropriate shades in clothes and made a gift from the designer — an evening dress.
Svetlana couldn’t believe that the reflection in the mirror was her own. She has changed so much for the better.

As a result, we can say with confidence that the change in the appearance of the heroine of the program turned out to be just wonderful. Svetlana not only became an attractive woman, but also gained self-confidence. And this is the most important thing.

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