She is fond of making me angry in every possible way, however, I still adore her unconditionally  

The cat, secretly from the neighbors, carried different small things to gratify her mother.

The woman did not even know where she got the “presents” from the pet.

Monica Vichens carried a tiny girl whose name is China from the street.

The woman instantly became attached to the lined kid and could not leave him.

At the time when the woman went from the flat to the house, China became a huntress.

After almost each walk, the cat came back with a hunt and handed it to Monica.

For instance, it can be hose, cig, timbers, scissors, keys, or arrows.

As mentioned by Monica, she did not instantly understand where the pet came from.

Then it was found out that he “plundered” the neighbors. Then the woman began to return the thieved things to their owners.

“I returned all the things to the neighbors, but each time China carried them again and brought them to me with a disgruntled face. It seemed like he wanted to say. “I gave it to you,” Monica said.

Inhabitants took the antics of China with jokes.

Monica even put a box next to the house, in which she began to collect all the things thieved by the cat.

“China is fond of getting wet in the mud, hunting, cribbing, tossing things off the table, making me annoyed in every possible way. “However, I still adore her unconditionally. I will never leave him,” said Monica.

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