Growing up together since childhood, the lion and the dog have formed an incredible contact  

This wonderful connection between a lion and a dog will leave you in awe.

They truly share the best time of their lives with each other.

Lions and dogs are completely different in many aspects such as their way of life, diet as well as instincts. The majority of people will fully agree that they can never live next to each other.

Nevertheless, things are different between a lion Miki and a dog Camilla. Growing up together since childhood, the two have formed an incredible contact that eludes science.

When Miki was saved and carried to the sanctuary, they discovered that he did not come alone. He was with his fellow named Camilla.

Shortly, they allowed them to be with each other. There are a number of cases in which caregivers enjoy each other’s existence, and one of them is recorded on the clip.

Miki takes Camila’s hand and kisses it softly. When he attempts to do it again, Camila unexpectedly escapes.

It may be a short video, but it attracts the hearts of numerous viewers on the Internet.

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