Firefighters rescued a kitten stuck in a storm drain in two day rescue

A cute kitten was released from the sewer

The fire station from Arizona and also animal medical centre spent two days saving a cat, that was stuck in a storm drain for over a week.

After discovering the kitten rescuers tried many methods to securely get him out from the sewer, but the little cat evaded them all.

After two days of hard work the rescuers finally found a way that worked: alluring the kitten into a human trap.

Animal medical centre took the animal to their trauma centre for treatment after it was saved. After the examination it was clear, that the kitten was underweight, had fleas and stomach problems.

Now the kitten is flea free and in a foster home, where he is gaining weight and treating his stomach problems. And also its a good environment for the cat to start socialising.

Vets told, that after a few weeks of specialised care the kitten will be ready for adoption.

One of the firefighters, that saved the kitten asked for the adoption of the small kitten.

The kitten is one of thousands of the immediate care needy animals saved last year.

The rescuers are specialised in giving the second life abused, homeless and injured animals.

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