DogVinci is a famous dog-artist who sells his work and earns money. it’s incredible!

People are attracted by the wonderful paintings of DogVinci.

Humans aren’t the only ones who want to work and earn money, some animals can also find ways to earn their own money. It sounds incredible, but our today’s hero is a famous dog-artist known worldwide as DogVinci.

At first, Dagger (DogVinci) was trained as an assistance dog, but he wasn’t interested in it, his focus was on painting.

Daguerre was fascinated by the affairs of his master, Yvonne Daguerre, and one day he decided to give it a try and succeeded. Once, when Yvonne asked the dog if he wanted to paint, he indicated his agreement by wagging his tail. Thus began the dog’s painting career, and he later became known as DogVinci.

Now his amazing works are for sale, with all profits going to Canine Companions for Independence. Each painting costs from $50 to $200. It’s great! Look at his works! They look prefect! He’s a real artist, yes?

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