Baby elephant saved from death can’t stop following her savior  

As she was passing the river, Moyo sniffled and was left powerless.

Happily, the rangers could rescue her when the hyenas gathered around her.

Roxy Dankverts is the head of the Wild Is Life haven, where Moyo came to salvation.

Currently about a year and two months old, she always follows her new mom.

Roxy said that Moyo realizes her smell as well as voice, she always finds her like that. Living with Moyo is not easy while she is growing up, as occurrences around her house are very usual.

Regardless of his contact with Moyo, Dankverts would prefer to become friends with a girl again because he knows it’s best for him.

When the hyenas appeared around Moyo, she was alone, as her group had abandoned her.

Moyo appeared at an orphanage with her new mom, Roxy, after the rangers reacted in time. Although she is much older, it is still not clear to her.

Moyo also attempts to eat with cutlery.

Frequently she makes a mess at home because she desires to see and touch everything.

More details about the reserve can be found on the Wild is Life website. Nothing can stop her from getting to Dankwerts.

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