An unhoused pup curled up next to a statue of the baby Jesus  

There are a number of unhoused dogs all over the world, and many people, as well as companies, are working diligently to solve this sorrowful reality.

Sadly, this number of unhoused dogs far surpasses the help, and the majority of these dogs are still left unattended.

In the city of Criciuma, Brazil, a wanderer took shelter in a regional nativity scene to keep warm on frosty nights in winter.

It was a very figurative sight for a woman who came across a pup curled up next to a statue of the baby Jesus.

This is a good cue that we should show love as well as sympathy to all living beings, not only during the holidays but throughout the year.

Another Christmas is just around the corner and we are hopeful this unhoused pup was provided with a much more permanent as well as suitable roof over his head.

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