After being saved a feral senior cat changes into a full mother’s boy

A cute and special cat, that changed into a loving pet

A wild cat named Mr. Belvedere is a senior cat, that has lived ten years on the street. Nobody thought the cat would find a permanent home until he met Lindsay Raturi, a great woman, who changed his life. She wanted to give him a better life, so she and other rescuers organised traps for him to fall into.

The woman went to check the cat trap one day and all of a sudden found there Mr. B. She immediately took him to the vet and decided to do everything to make him feel better. Raturi started to seek for a forever home for him not long after that.

Happily A cat enthusiast Jenna Decristofaro adopted the cat and gave him a loving home.

Jenna told: “When I saw him I cried. I took him home and let him explore. I het touched by just thinking about it because it was so special.”

“I wanted to give him a happy, wonderful and long life. It was something I wanted to do.”

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