A woman found blind twin kittens, that are like each other’s tour guides across the world

Two twin brothers, that took care of each other 

Sara found two little cats walking in her property and understood, they were really close.

They were very weak, and when she started to feed them, she understood there was something unusual about these twin boys.

She did a kind gesture, she took them to the vet for the examination. And also she chose names for them Stevie and Isaac.

It turned out, that they were both born with an unusual disease.

Although their health state, both of them were active and happy throughout their visit to the vet. Sadly, they had to be operated to remove their blind eyes, as they can be infected.

The vet was able to save Isaac’s one eye.

It was clear, that both of them were in good hands, as both of them recovered after their operations.

They were active and playing less than 24 house later.

Stevie, who is absolutely blind needs his brothers assistance to move. If he feels confused he calls for his brother, who is always there.

And after a year both of them went to their new family, where they are loved.

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