A sweet moment of a little girl reading a bedtime tale for her napping cat

An inseparable friendship between a girl and her cat friend 

Kids and their animals are always cute and adorable, but these couple became popular on the Internet by storm with their inseparable connection. The couple became well known after the video of them appeared on the Internet. In it the little girl is reading a tale for her beloved best friend, and people were so touched.

Abby and Bailey has always been best friends. When the small girl was born, the eldest cat started to act like a protective older sister. And the girl responded by showing her love and affection. They have a special routine, although they are inseparable most of the time.

It turned out, that Abby likes to read for her best friend or simply sing to her. And Bailey listens to it very carefully, as is she’s understanding it all. So Abby’s mother decided to capture their cuteness But she never thought the video would gain so much reacts.

The cute video was posted on Twitter and quickly it became popular with millions of people falling in love with the couple. The video shows, that the girl is reading a tale with a calm voice and the kitten in just on the verge of falling asleep.

And here’s a sweet video:

The cat has been adopted by the girl’s mother when she was a college student. Unfortunately Bailey passed away, but the sweet memories with her remained forever.

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