A stray cat was able to get into the zoo and make friends with a lynx

An interspecies friendship, that lasted for years

Friendship can be between any type of animals. There are many examples of interspecies friendship before and these two aren’t the first.

A stray cat was able to slip into the zoo and as he was hungry he saw a much needed food and drink. And the only problem was it belonged to the lynx. And the cat not only got food, but also a best friend.

Just look at their adorable video, where they clean each other.

“It seemed, that the cat needs a lynx as much as the lynx needs a cat.” And the cat thinks lynx is his mother, as he was a kitten when they made friends. The zoo decided to adopt the cat, as they saw their amazing friendship and now they live in the same cage.

The lynx is a medium sized cat, that is twice the size of a stray cat. The lynx hunts at nights in order to avoid being seen. These great hunters can see a mouse from the distance of 250 feet. But as it turned out, this lynx has a soft heart for helpless animals.

Much of their died is consisted of snowshoe hares.

The lynx is hunt for his beautiful coat. Don’t contribute to the hunter of these amazing animals by buying fir jackets, scarves, and other accessories. Be kind to animals.

The Iberian lynx is the most endangered animal in the world. There are many reasons, that caused their extinction.

Although there are many conservation programs, that have increased the population to over 400 animals, but they are still categorised as endangered.

Lynxes have snowshoes on their feet, that helps them to stay on top of the snow. They have long and round bug toes, that help them control their weight. And also this makes easier for them to hunt in deeper snow.

As they are nocturnal, they aren’t seen much of the time. They like to rest in caves, rock crevices, and shrubs. They can make many sounds.

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