A small baby is rescued from falling down the stairs by a guardian angel cat

A hero cat, that prevented the baby from falling from the stairs

The baby is crawling towards the stairwell before the Siamese cat jumps and prevents him from falling.

While creeping the one year old baby named Samuel Leon looked at the cat relaxing on the sofa.

He returns back again and and creeps around the room, making the cat go closer to the sofa’s edge.

And when the baby was near the stairwell’s edge, the cat immediately went into action, jumping on him and preventing the baby from falling.

The kitten quickly went to the baby, and seemed to be scared, when he pulls Samuel away from the edge.

The cat pecked Samuel’s hair and wrapped his paws around the baby’s body in order to push him back.

When he goes away from the steep drop, the baby seems to understand the message.

He sits on the living room floor and the hero cat was next to him, keeping an eye on him.

And it was the time, when a quick-thinking cat rescued a little baby from falling down the stairs.

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