A poor pregnant cat was leftover in the woods, but after she was found she gave birth to two healthy kittens

After the hard life, a cat with her two kittens have found a loving home

There are certain people, who fight for homeless animals, that are very often in a bad situation. One day a pregnant cat together with two other cats were leftover in the woods to fight for their lives alone.

The three cats were discovered by a woman, who was walking with her dog in the morning. She brought them to the near RSPCA centre, where they were all examined. It turned out, that one of the kittens were pregnant. “It is very sad, that such cats are abandoned. We understand, that people’s lives change, but there’s never an excuse to left such a cat.”

But fortunately the cat, that was pregnant received the needed care and had two health babies. Maude and her kittens can live their best life and finally found their forever homes. We are happy, that although they had a difficult start the next part of their life they would have a loving home.

And there other two cats that were found together with Maude.

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