A poor kitten was saved at the right time after his little paws and tail are frozen to a semi trailer

A lucky kitten was saved thanks to a king gentleman 

A cute kitten was recently saved just in time in Colorado. The poor animal was found with her tail and paws almost frozen to a semi trainer. If not the shop customer, who noticed it hanging off a tire, who knows how long it would be trapped there. He quickly called an animal shelter, who freed her from the bad situation and took to the vet.

In October the temperature in Denver is freezing and many poor animals freeze outside. Happily the cat was saved by a kind man and is now doing well.

The rescue team told, that it took them just 20 minutes to free her. After being saved the cat was taken to the shelter, where it was examined by a vet. It turned out, that she’s healthy. She was starving so they put it in a hot spot and gave it food.

The kitten will be placed in a foster home until she is eight weeks old and than she will be ready for adoption. And a gentleman has already came to save her. The kitten is healthy only thanks to him. They will be together very soon. We like when fate lines up in such a way.

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