A man reunites with his cat, that was missing for 7 years

A touching moment of a reunion of two old friends 

The cat named Chebon had been lost for seven years and there was almost no possibility of finding him. Robert thought, that he will never see his little friend, before he received a life-changing call. A kind stranger called him to tell, that his beloved kitten is safe and healthy and can’t wait to meet him again! And after suffering for a long time, Robert felt something, that could be called a miracle.

The sweet kitten got lost when Robert decided to move from California to Ohio. And the sad owner decided to stay in California for the whole year searching for his vanished cat, but without success.

The video was uploaded, where Robert told “I remember one time i was praying and said: “God, I’ll do everything, just get mu Chebon beck.” And Robert had no other variant, but to move on, as the cat seemed to have lost forever.

And after seven years a woman discovered a cat, that was sick and took it to the vet. And happily, the cat had a microchip and they were able to found the cat’s owner. The cat has lived all these years on the streets. And at that time Robert received a call, that his cat was alive.

In the sweet reunion video Robert told: “I was frightened, there was some kind of error.” The man decided to fly from Los Angeles to meet his old friend.

Robert immediately recognised his friend and was touched when he first saw him. The two friends were together after all these years. The heartbreaking event was captured and shared on the Internet and many people were touched by it.

And here’s the reunion video:

And the reaction of people.

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