A little leftover kitten went to the woman and asked for help

A loving kitten, that became attached to his owners

It was a windy and chilly day in South Africa. Kayleigh was out when she saw a small cat in her yard. He was all alone.

Her boyfriend told, that maybe the kitten’s mother may return after him.

The next day he was till in the same place, so she decided to help the kitten. She and her boyfriend took him to the vet.

He was sick and infected with worms. But thanks to the vets’ and couple’s affection and love he started to become a usual kitten.

They named him Mowgli. They adore him and consider him as their family member. And of course Mowgli adores them too. He is happy to be with his caring parents. He adds a lot of happiness and love into their lives.

Mowgli not only has amazing parents, but also a new cat friend, who lives in the complex. Kayleigh and Matt didn’t know his name, so they decided to call it BamBam.

The two cats are in love with each other. They are inseparable friends and are really cute together.

The couple adores their kitten and they are inseparable. The kitten likes to look at different birds and animals on the laptop.

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