A little baby pulls the adopted cat’s legs and his reaction is the sweetest you have ever seen

The cute introduction of a cat to the newborn baby

It’s an ordinary thing to be happy if you have a newborn in your house. And especially when you have a pet you have much to think, such as how they will get along, or is it safe to have a pet in the house. Of course all the children should like a pet, but there are many thing you have to think about before bringing a pet to your house.

So it’s a sweet video taken between a sweet newborn and a cute kitten. The reaction of a cat to the baby is the sweetest thing you have ever seen. It also shows, that these two will become best friends.

When the mother in the video introduced the baby to the cat she was a little worried about how it would react. She placed the cat next to her son and waited to see the results. Happily the introduction was cute, and the mother captured the sweet moment.

The baby took the cat’s leg and the cat started to smell the baby’s head. The cat started to lick and groom the baby as if it was her youngster.

Watch the sweet video of their amazing friendship!

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