A kind woman saves a half frozen kitten on the street

An abandoned kitten, that was in a bad health condition 

A little cat was found a hear ago under a car with ice in its hair on a very cold night. He was very little there and his mother was nowhere to be found.” Anna told.

The kitten was taken to a care home, where he could finally feel warm, protected, have a full stomach and sleep in a comfortable bed for the first time. “It was amazing to feel warm and safe”.

The small ball grew into a beautiful flower.

Anna took her home a few weeks later. He became the biggest hug of the house, filling it with scratches and hugs.

He became a strong character.

He controls his owners, although he isn’t making shenanigans about the house.

His tail became so much beautiful.

After a few months he was bigger than his own bed.

He’s now the largest cat with a biggest personality.

He turned one just a few days ago and he’s living the best life!

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