A homeless cat spent many winters outside, but now has his own home

A cute homeless kitten, that found his permanent home

Nine years ago a homeless three-legged ginger kitten came to the man’s kitchen asking to he loved. And that day the amazing friendship began between a kind man and a cat.

This is the heartwarming story of Bubby!

The kitten started to come more often and most of all enjoyed playing with the man’s cat, Seson. But the cat continued to come to the man even after Seson passed away.

The little homeless was afraid of humans, besides Boyd, a sweet cat lover. Boyd decided to name him Bubby, as he understood his visits were regular and he wanted a place in the house!

Boyd now thinks Bubby is his own cat, but despite his best efforts the cat continued returning outside, as he couldn’t let go his previous existence.

Unfortunately, when Boyd passed away Bubby came to the house one more time and never returned. Boyd’s family placed food for him, but it was always untouched.

Buddy was gone for two years and after that he was seen by a next door neighbour. So he organised a plan to catch him.

He tried for two months, but Buddy denied. He was worried for the cat, as winter was coming. He begged the lady, who lived in the house of Boyd to welcome him if she found him.

Bubby went to the house, so the neighbour Ray received a call the next day. Ray went and found, that Bubby was in serious shape, so he took him to the vet immediately.

He was cared there before being transported to the shelter, where he met Sarah and started his rehabilitation journey. She understood she wanted to care for the kitten from the first sight.

Sarah knew about Bubby’s life before.

He’s at the right place with the right person and he will never need to leave the house again.

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