A homeless cat mother brought her kittens to the woman she trusts

A poor cat family’s life changed after they were taken to the shelter 

One day a ginger kitten appeared in the woman’s house front porch and was crying for food. She was very shy, but also very hungry.

The generous woman put some food and the kitten went away after eating all.

The same ginger cat came next day with her kitten.

A little kitten stand next to his mother, who was very much alike her. He was very hungry and followed his mother’s steps.

The other day the cat appeared with her two kittens. A little ginger kitten was with them and also another one.

The woman understood, that the cat needed help and called animal rescue organisation and they came to take the family to safety.

In the shelter the kittens were checked, they weighed less than they should, but their health was good.

They named the mother Mildread and the kittens, a boy and a girl Charlotte and Hank. They have understood, that their life is better in a foster home than on the streets.

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