A homeless cat goes to a man’s house and decides to stay forever

A cute cat, that made the man fell in love with her

A man named Connor Manning was going home when he saw a little homeless kitten. The man couldn’t pass without touching or hugging her.

Manning could absolutely say, that the cat had a hard life living on the street, as she was very thin and filthy.

The little kitten showed him her enjoyment for cuddles and hugs. The cute kitten jumped into his lap and refused to leave.

She followed him to his house, went inside and decided to stay there forever.

“I wanted to go home after five minutes and she was absolutely scared. I knelt down and she ran to me. We went about four blocks until we arrived at my porch” said Manning.

Manning is allergic to cats and he would have a difficult time living with a cat. Manning told: “I fell in love. I felt better after a few days of having allergy medicines in my system!”

“She’s really cute. She likes meeting new people and has a lot of energy. It’s been so amazing to watch her grow into a real beauty.”

Watch the video below.

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