A homeless cat didn’t allow a travelling couple left her

A lovely cat, that got used to travelling life

An international couple living in their camper van met a homeless cat one day while parked.

They opened the doors of a van when they reached and the cat decided to enter and say hello.

The couple immediately fell in love with her and named the curious cat Millie.

The cat just wanted to spent time with them and only wanted love and affection.

Whenever they go she followed them showing that she is a bright cat. It was obvious, that a special connection was between these three.

And when it was time for the couple to continue their travel they thought, that leaving the cat in her acquainted placed would be the best decision.

And after departing they understood they had a special connection to Millie. So they turned around and drove five hours back to Millie’s house.

Millie found them and immediately entered the van. And they understood they had made the right decision as Millie had chosen them!

Millie soon got used to living on the road and the three of them now spend happy time together.

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